Monday, September 1, 2014

Planning a Social Media Content Strategy Based On Graphics

Elsewhere on this platform, I have talked about the social media activities which are generally performed for online marketing. This article is about discussing one aspect of that activity, which is related to the development of graphics content. There needs to be a proper strategy and a content creation team in place which is capable of streamlining the whole graphics-based social media marketing activity. Use of graphics fills the gap where the real-life visual content is not available or where there is a need to for better presentation of content for quick and easy understanding. Some of the main ways in which these graphics can be used are:

1.       Purely Informative: When plethora of data is to be organized and presented, describing relational aspects among the data, for the purpose of providing informative in a comprehensible way, this is one purpose served by graphic design. The graphics developer has to be informed about the relations and it is his job how to ensure that information is passed on to the readers in easy-to-understand manner.

2.       Humorous: Graphics can also be humorous. Humor attracts people. It gains virility quickly. If focus of message to be conveyed can be retained in humor, it has a good impact on branding aspects as well. This can be developed on an episodic or continual basis. An example of delivering humorous content on continuous basis is that of developing a series of comic strip which will be posted regularly at a well-defined day and time. 

3.       Quotations: This is again an activity which can be undertaken on a continuous or episodic basis. You can make use of interesting background and foreground color combinations and be creative at typography to send out the message through quotations. This can also be planned in advance. The themes of quotations shall be carefully selected on the basis of ease of finding quotes, frequency of posting and its relation to main message to be conveyed. 

4.       Announcements: There are times when the organizations are planning out some event or there is some offer which needs to be communicated to the audience through social media channels. This is where graphics play a very important part in attracting the audience to the offer or announcement.

The main purpose underlining the whole social media activity using images is aimed at quickly spreading the word among fans and followers and developing a brand image. If the graphics are good, unique, witty and attractive, people actually look forward to having a new one on regular intervals. The aim of strategists is to keep that user-interest alive and ticking and even enable user-engagement on regular basis.

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