Monday, August 11, 2014

What Makes for a Professional Website Design?

Professionalism in website design is different from achieving attraction. There might seem to be thin dividing line between the two but actually there is a big difference. You can simply notice this difference by looking at the site for sometime and trying to make use of it. The designers and developers do need to inculcate specialized skill sets for turning a website into a professional one, not just restricting to attractiveness alone. If you were to judge a website on whether it is professionally developed or not, you can judge it with the following touchstones:

1. Are you able to conveniently find the purpose of website?- What the website is all about shall be prominently visible on its home page. It shall directly communicate the purpose it is supposed to serve in the very first sighting.
2. Are you able to locate whatever you want easily or have to struggle for it?- Even if a site has loads of information for visitors, it will make a great difference to the user experience if content is well organized all through, making it easy for visitors to find it.
3. Do things seem haphazardly spread or are logically arranged?- Do your eyes get riveting and are not able to focus on specific elements of a website? If yes, then it is not professionally done. Its elements shall help you focus and further explore the site.
4. Do you find that too much of color is distracting or is it soothing to your eyes?- Having a colorful website is not a bad idea but, it shall not be distracting. However, the best practice is to use only a few color combinations to make it look more professional and serious. Too many colors might be attractive and retain the focus of visitors, but these do not look all that professional.
5. Does the website take irritatingly long to load?- One of the most irritating experiences of website development is when it take too long to load. Any website must open in 2-3 seconds. There are well established guidelines which the web development companies shall follow in order to reduce the page load time.
6. Are you able to use the site in the most reliable and convenient manner?- Does it appear reliable and trustworthy website? Would you be willing to use it for sharing sensitive personal information? Design does a lot in improving reliability and trustworthiness of website.
7. Does the site look neat and clean in its layout and design?- A neat look and feel showcases design finesse and attention to detail. Professionals do take time in developing clean and well structured websites.
Professionalism in website design is achieved by web development companies in Faridabad by going beyond attractiveness and focusing on actual performance of the site.

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