Friday, August 22, 2014

Managing the Social Media Works For Online Marketing

1.       Define the purpose you want to achieve. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve from social media. Do you want to have valuable inputs? Do you want to generate traffic only? Do want to actually have business leads from these resources? Or, it is simply that you want more visibility? Most of the time social media is used for brand building. It provides exposure to your brand. However, companies also use it for generating more sales either directly through these media or by way of generating referral traffic to their own sites.

2.       Define the right web-resources for attaining that purpose. You will have to list down or find all those resources where you want to develop the brand. This is guided by the fact whether your brand is local or global in nature, how many visitors come to it, what type of content it permits (image, videos, tweets, discussions, networking, etc.) and whether that would able to meet your objectives of web marketing.

3.       Ready your creative team for developing different types of content. Once you know what all platforms you would be using for social media marketing, the next step is to select a suitable team. You would need really good copywriters, designers, writers and people experienced in using these resources to maximum advantage.

4.       Segregate the selected web-resources based on content formats to be used and align the creative teams for this purpose. YouTube and Vimeo is for videos, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr are mostly for images, graphics and photos, Twitter and Plurk are for tweeting, Facebook, Google Plus and other networking resources can share information in various formats. Similarly, other web resources use specific formats of content. Your social media marketing (SMM) company shall be align these resources as per the content format to use these effectively.

5.       Develop a comprehensive and integrated social media marketing strategy. This would chiefly take care of what types of promotions are to be done on these resources, how frequently and how would these be related to one another in terms of content and timing of dispatch.   

Generally, the interactions on social media are by way of:
a.       Questions and answers
b.      Interesting anecdotes
c.       Polls and surveys
d.      Quotable Quotes
e.      Content sharing (graphics, photos, videos, etc)
f.        Participation in discussions
g.       Reviewing
h.      Announcements (offers, news, etc)

6.       Tracking and data compilation. Social media efforts would be wasted if the data from these resources is not used fruitfully. Data on usage and visitors has to be compiled in a comprehensive manner for analysis and impact assessment. You might not be able to see much sense in doing this activity at first, but slowly, as numbers grow, more meaningful data can be derived. This analysis will show what type of marketing effort is bearing better results and will provide valuable information for use in future.

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