Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Does SEO Impact Local Listing Results OR Vice-Versa?

There is hardly any doubt that local listings of the business is important, not only because it has good chances of appearing in the SERPs of Google but also because it is a genuine business activity which every business shall be done on the world wide web. Since the benefits of being listed are many and the search engine marketing companies are aware of these, there is a growing competition to be ‘there’. What exactly will get you there and for how long will you stay there is one thing which is not clear to the others? Every online marketing company or the individual has its own opinion about it. Out of the many likely reasons which help you in achieving this feat, the most commonly agreed upon ones are those of social media parameters and the search engine optimization activity.

We will be dealing with the likely impact of SEO activity here and try to figure out what might cause your local business to make appearance on SERPs. As we all know, SEO is all about distribution of links in different web resources which are relevant and relatable to your business for making your website discoverable by as many visitors as possible. Content and social engagement form the backbone of this activity. This activity can be taken to different levels, depending on the number and quality of available resources. So, it can be done at a national or even at a local level. While speaking of the local SEO, the main focus of this activity is at a local level. This provides the relevant signals to the search engines about importance, relevance and authority of the business. This improves the appearance and ranking of the listing within the SERP results. So, SEO does influence the local listing position in keywords that mentions regions such as SEO company Faridabad, Gurgaon, etc.

Let us a reverse look at this aspect as well. If the local listing is present, does it also help or contribute in the improvement in ranks of the website in SERPs? This is a matter for which no easy questions are available. I have personally had the experience of seeing websites which are ranking top on position in local listing for some keywords while its actual position in SERPs in not even in 100. This personal experience makes me confront this viewpoint that good local listing position does not mean that the ranking in SERPs will improve as well. If you are getting the leads or calls this might be due to your listing position, not because of your SEO. However, you might not be able to retain this position in local listing if you have been penalised by Google and your ranks have suffered due to this penalty.

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