Friday, February 28, 2014

SEO Will Not Die, Long Live the SEO

I have been hearing rumors since the last 5 years and particularly after the updates which Google brings in every now and then, that SEO will be dead and that the relevance of SEO will evaporate into thin air after a time. The doomsayers have also predicted that SEO is already dead. Many service providing companies have gone out of business due to the changes which have impacted Google in the last couple of years. However, I would never buy this argument that the SEO is dead. Why? For the following reasons:

1. For those who predict its doom, they think mostly about the off-page activity as its integral part. However, this is not true. It is also the on-page activity which is of immense relevance for ranking in search engines. Without proper on-page fixations, it is difficult to rank on the basis of off-page activities. Since webmasters would still be doing the on-page, SEO can not be dead literally.
2. At the same time, if someone is to think that most of the off-page activities are essentially of spammy nature and these would be punished sooner or later and therefore these shall not be done, I would not buy this reasoning as well. Why? Let us assume that for a particular keyword there are 10 top domains which have achieved top ranks solely on the basis of on-page, would the rest of others not have done on-page correctly? This is simply not true. May be it is the top 20 or top 50 domains which have done their on-page right but are still not ranking higher. What would these less ranked domains do in order to make up for the lost positions? Even if two domains have done same on-page, there will be a tendency for one of these to rank higher than the other. This logic can also be extended to subsequent SERPs as well. In this scenario, which is most often the case, off-page will attain importance. For the less-ranked domains, off-page will be the only hope of getting higher ranks.
3. Google says it uses more than 200 parameters to judge the ranks of a particular site. We are not aware of many of these. On-page activities might hold importance in order to keep the site health good. There are clear and definite guidelines to follow in this respect but there is no such guidelines for off-page actions which makes the latter highly uncertain. The only thing to keep in mind is that the activities shall not lead Google to assume that you are engaging in spam. So, this is a hide-and-seek game which might be tricky to do but is important nevertheless. The scope for this activity might keep changing from time to time but is never going to fade away.
Google has its interest in revenue generation through Adwords. SEO denies it this opportunity and makes a mega impact on its earnings. For this reason, it will continue to push away SEO without affecting the credibility of its SERPs. So, even as it wishes SEO to be dead, it can not afford to lose its credibility as a search engine. SEO practitioners have to be dexterous at changing their course of work in such a way that their projects gain due to higher credibility.

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