Sunday, February 9, 2014

Matts Cutt Video on Article Directories and Their Limited Relevance

This is the video of Matts Cutts responding to a query from India whether article directories shall be used for building the links. This video has been circulated around the web and caused hiccups in the SEO communities. After watching this video, the common question is what next if not the article directories? This blog post is to dispel certain mistaken notions about this issue.
At first, Matt Cutts has used the words 'in my personal opinion', 'use of these article directories for spam content' and a suggestion that one shall not 'probably' use these. Using all these phrases, he had derided the importance of article directories, which is true in any case (in fact, that was the reason which prompted me to write the post on why an on-site blog will be a better bet rather than these directories).
However, this does not mean that the value of article directories has been lost totally. There are certain specific ways in which these can still be used for the sake of getting more traffic. Some precautions which might prove useful for the SEO practitioners are:
1. Use these in a limited way. Make your on-site blog the priority since it will take a step further towards brand building as well.
2. Post quality content which will really really be useful for the people.
3. Do not stuff keywords in titles unnecessarily. Let there be a natural flow.
4. In resource box, you shall be doing a more diversified link building activity. Put links occasionally to your website pages. You can also point links to some other web resources of yours which are relevant. If there are not many web resources of  your own, you can link to some authoritative source from where more information about the topic can be gained.
5. Links need not necessarily be on the promoted keywords (anchor text).
6. Try to engage people on article directories by commenting and sharing.
7. Write your complete profile in article directories, providing even you company website as well as social media connects. If people really like your article, they would like to know about your company and website and this will increase your profile views over a period of time.

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