Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Guest Blogging is a Bad Idea?

Every since Google has brought major updates and the rankings of projects have begun to suffer, there has been much speculation on the use of Guest Blogging as an effective method of SEO. Guest Blogging is nothing but asking the authoritative people to write blog posts for you, in your own blog. The main reasons for which this is done are the following:

1. Getting quality content from authoritative people from time to time.
2. This quality content would add to the value of blog and bring satisfaction to the readers of the blog. Your readers would come to know about the person who is writing. This will help Guest Blogger to enhance his/her reach.
3. Even the guest blogger would share it with his/her community or network of friends or followers, making your blog popular. This would, in turn, help you in tapping the network of guest blogger and increase your own community.

So, in a way, this is a mutually beneficial relationship in which all stakeholders including the readers stand to gain. But, this is not all that simple said and done. There is a need to take care of the following points when this is to be used for SEO purposes:

1. Ensure that some authoritative or popular person contributes to your blog. Do not invite just another blogger for writing the post for you unless he has a good following of his own.
2. Stay away from putting anchor text links aimed at promoting certain pages of your site. Remember, this is done only for the sake of adding more informative and quality content from experts so that you readers get to add substantial value to their knowledge. It is about development of quality content and marketing it in mutual networks for enhancing brand presence in larger communities.

Why Is It A Bad Idea?

1. The actual beneficial use of this method of content development and marketing is restricted to only a handful of people in the vast ocean of SEO community that is present globally.
2. There might be reservations among the guest bloggers on writing for blogs since this might affect them adversely.
3. Search Engines may perceive that guest blogging is being done by using the paid methods and there might be a closer watch on the activities on these bloggers or blogging platforms. The bad thing is that your blog or your guest blogger might also come under this watch-list.
4. Except the high quality resources, this method has high chances to be misused in an indiscriminate way which would invite the wrath of search engines sooner or later.

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