Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Case For An On-Site Blog For SEO Services

Here are some of the benefits of having a blog on your own website and using its posts for doing the marketing exercise:
1. It helps to keep refreshing the website by addition of more pages on regular basis. Google values the sites which are getting refreshed.

2. Off-site resources might not be conducive to use for all types of content and for all purposes. 

3. Off-site resources are best used for their traffic, however the marketing of content on the on-page blog is an exercise oriented towards brand building. By marketing the post written on the onsite blog on social media resources, you make your domain name prominently visible to the people. Take one example. You have two options: www.yourdomainname.com/blog/... Or www.somearticledirectory.com Which of these do you think is better for developing your brand image? Naturally, it is the post written on the on-site blog rather than any off-site resource, unless, of course, it is a top quality resource. 

4. On-site Blogs are a good way of visitor engagement. These give a chance for visitors to come to the site and explore it further. Due to the engagement advantage, these might even begin to rank on some of the keywords used in the blog posts. 

5. Onsite blog brings traffic from marketing activities directly to the site.

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