Monday, April 2, 2012

How Is Writing An Article Different From Writing A Press Release?

Articles and press releases, along with the blog content are the three main ways in which the inlinks to the websites can be developed using the content. Interestingly, all three of these are written in different ways. However, it is the articles and the press releases which are submitted into the other resources and have to adhere to the stipulated guidelines of these resources. There is a distinctive approach adopted by seo services providers for writing an article and a press release. Here are the key differences between these two:
1. Though both the articles and the press releases are required to be informative in nature, the style of writing varies for the two. The press releases are basically announcements of some news or events about the company or its offerings. The articles, on the other hand, are informative and are not in the nature of announcements.
2. It is quite common for the press release to have words such as ‘the company’ or the name of the person. Even the quotes from the person can also be incorporated in the press release. However, the seo service provider does not get the articles written in this way since these can get rejected in the article directory. So, this leeway in writing with style variation is given by the press release.
3. Contact details are provided in the press release but not in the article. This is the difference in the format between the press release and an article. You can view the published sample of a press release here and note that full contact details are provided at the end of it.
4. A press release is written from the focal point of the company or the business but the article has to remain neutral. Articles are not written with the company focus, otherwise these have the danger of being labelled as promotional and hence getting rejected by the article directories. A press release makes an allowance for the use of the company name but it shall not be used in such a way that tells reader to take its services. Rather, it shall be in the nature of announcements.