Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pros and Cons of the New Feature of Google− Blocking the Websites

Google has introduced a new feature for its search engine result pages. For the people who are left aghast at the useless information coming at the top of the result pages, can now have the option of blocking the irrelevant sites from appearing in their SERPs.

This feature is, supposedly, in line with the basic principle of upholding the supremacy of user experience for the websites and featuring those websites higher on the SERPs which are liked by them. So, Google is giving the option of filtering the results of searches in hands of the users. The use of +1 button to like the website and now the feature of blocking the website for filtering out the unwanted stuff from search results are two tools for the users which can determine the attractiveness or usefulness of the website for the users.

But, stop there! There is another and an altogether different aspect to it as well. There is a good likelihood that the website which is being blocked by a number of users will have its ranking go down. Though it is not certain yet that the SERPs will be allowed to be affected by blocking the sites, it is certainly a feature which will cause a hue and cry. Precisely how many blocks will it take to dethrone the site ranking is not yet known. That is a grey area. Another grey area is that what weight will be attached to this feature vis-à-vis the ethical SEO work. Suppose a company uses the SEO services to get good ranks, will a few blocks erode all the good work?

Imagine a scenario that in the highly networked age of internet, I get the people from my networks to block the site from their SERPs. If the ranking is to go down, then I will make my competitors face the music. I might embark on witch hunting and keep on blocking other sites in the similar way. Well, looking at the other side of the coin, even I might get the same treatment. So, in the ultimately analysis, the focus turns from creative digital marketing or SEO work to the negative marketing.

Considering the many grey areas and the potentially harmful situations which it can lead to, I do not think that the SERPs will be allowed to be affected with this feature, even as, at a more individual level, this feature is useful to the users.