Saturday, December 3, 2011

Using Social Media And PPC To Improve The Rankings

I deviated from the traditional way of marketing the website using the classic SEO approach while doing a number of activities to see what all results I would get. I have worked for a number of SEO services companies in Australia, UK and US, doing all sort of stuff primary aimed at developing links, site authority and getting top SERPs position. Now, this is something which many other companies are already doing and I wanted to change the approach. It might be that this methodology might be known to many of you who are already doing the SEO with a creative mind.
With own website, I decided to base my whole structural edifice on content from the very beginning and then marketing it to the readers who frequently visit some of the key web resources. So, the aim was not to go whole hog the traditional way of SEO services providers, mindlessly embarking on manual submissions. But, the first step was to define what audiences you want to target, just as a true marketing professional does. Second step was to define what all web resources I need to develop in order to do the needful. This obviously meant creating profiles on some key resources. Third step was to define what all activities would need to be done in order that captivate the visitors to the resource.
Even while the thought was to develop the links from these resources, it was never the first intention to promote the site. On the contrary, the aim was to promote the web resources on which the profiles were created. This did take a lot of my time but I could see the results for real. Also, I wanted to try out my hand at the PPC along with the social media activity. With only one-and-a-half month of activity I was able to jack up my rankings from nowhere to 67th position on some high competition keywords (having 8-9 digit competition).
This provided vital inputs that the use of social media resources, such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Social Bookmarking resources and the Articles directories were able to produce results with minimal use of the PPC ad campaigns. These produced the business leads and the efforts were combined with the thoughtful email marketing activity to successfully gain a few projects.
All these efforts were completed single handedly and in relaxed time framework. The essence of the whole activity was the content- superior quality and thought-stimulating content.
This experimental effort has been instrumental in developing a low-cost price budget (under $500 per month) for the companies who can not spend huge sums of money for long term projects.