Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keywords can Kill: Be Careful in their Selection for SEO

You simply can not get the SEO right when the keywords selection is poor. Right keywords selection is the first important brick in building the foundation of SEO. It is simple to do but needs far deeper thought than is usually put in by the SEO services providers. Not surprisingly, therefore, achieving the objectives looks to be a tall order. However, by adopting certain principles, the correct selection of keywords can be made. These are:
1. Relevance to business: This is the first principle to be observed in keywords analysis. Even if a keyword has a very high level of competition, if it is important and directly related to the business, then the same shall be taken into account. The order of priority for the keywords shall be made so that the important ones are not missed out.
2. Number of searches for that keyword: The tools used for finding the keywords provide the metrics of global and local monthly searches for a particular keyword. Naturally, this does not take much of thought if the keywords have a high search volume. However, there is often a decision to be made on whether to take those keywords which have negligible monthly search volumes but are very relevant for business. Some providers prefer to neglect these while some others give greater weight to the relevance factor and consider these positively.
3. Keep future goals of business in mind: This is one factor which is often not considered. If there is some new product or service to be launched in the time period for which the SEO is to be run, then the keywords related to it shall be found out. A miss on this score could mean that their promotion gets delayed by a number of months.
4. Focus on the multilingual keywords: If there are certain products which are to be sold in some areas where people use different languages, you can even opt for the selection of some keywords of that language. This is of particular importance in the promotion of multilingual sites.
5. Long-tail keywords or short-tail ones: For effectiveness of the SEO services, it is suggested that the long-tail keywords shall be used. These are the keywords which are made from more than one word. These become more specific in nature as more words are added. For example- beaded evening tops-is a long-tail keyword. There might be too much of competition in the use of short-tail keywords since these are quite common but there is likely to be less competition with the long-tail keywords. These are more specific in nature and can be used for better targeting of the desired customer base. However, there is a note of caution. These shall not be too long since there would lesser number of people making searches with these keywords.
The underlying idea behind the selection of keywords is that these shall bring the relevant traffic to the site, capable of generating business for the site. Hence, it directly affects the SEO efforts.