Friday, September 9, 2011

Take the First Right Stride in the SEO Process: Understand Client Business

Before the beginning of any SEO project, understanding of the client business is important. In fact, if you have understood this part well, you have determined the path that you want to tread while doing the SEO. It is interesting to note that many of the SEO services providers do not spend enough time on this aspect. They are aware of the activities which they would be undertaking and do not want to go any further. Lack of understanding of client business results in problems, such as:

  1. Inappropriate delivery of client’s brand to the web resources, resulting in lowering of brand image. This happens because of the inferior choice of web resources for good brands and this, in turn, is the result of inappropriate understanding of the client business.

  1. Wastage of effort, time and money. There is a tendency among many of the SEO India services providers to go as per their well defined SEO practices. Where a little more thought could have reduced effort and saved time and money with same results, the chance is lost by being stereotypical.

  1. Wrong market-targeting: There have been many cases where the delivery of actual results has fallen short of expectations. This is precisely because the wrong markets have been targeted. This is a direct fallout of the inability to understand the business and hence the markets of the client.

Inappropriateness of the client business results in the SEO services India providers to commit the following mistakes:

  1. Wrong keyword analysis: When there is need to find the niche markets with long tail keywords research, the SEO services provider might be finding the wrong ones since he misjudged the product of the client. This is the most common mistake made. Since the first important is wrong, the whole edifice of the SEO building would be on wrong ground.

  1. Wrong choice of off-page activities: While your standard and time tested procedures might work well with most of the project, some others might require a different strategy. This can not be known if the project is not understood in entirety.

  1. Inefficiencies, Delays and rising Costs: Imagine that you get a project from a client who owns great brands. Since this is a pricey project, it would mean that the brand can not be dragged some of the most commonly used web resources. It has to be promoted differently and using an entirely different approach which is in line with the brand value and brand image. Further, there might be some projects which have already made use of the common resources and, for these, the inefficiencies and duplication of effort needs to be avoided.

What the SEO services providers need to do is to ensure that they are having the right managers who have an understanding for most of the business and the likely markets for these. At the same time, there needs to be brainstorming on each new project so as to develop the right strategy and minimise the costs. Regular meetings also provide fresh inputs to the projects and are helpful in determining the right approach. 

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