Saturday, September 17, 2011

SEO Copywriting: The Art of Producing Search Engine Friendly Content

With worldwide focus on SEO increasing and businesses are hunting the spaces on search engine result pages (SERPs). The strategy of developing the inbound links to the site and the wise usage of content are important considerations for any service provider. The term – SEO copywriting – is used for all the content related tweaking that is done both on the website pages as well as on the off-website resources. In simple terms, SEO copywriting includes the following:

ü      Insertion of keywords in the website content.

ü      Insertion of keywords in the off-page content activity such as articles, press releases.

ü      Insertion of meta-tags, header tags, alt tags and other coding related alterations which are required to make the site SEO-friendly.

For these activities to be carried out by a SEO Copywriter, there is a need to be familiar with the web development and scripting languages and also with the usage of optimised content for the various off-page activities.

The individuals providing the SEO copywriting services shall be knowledgeable about the following:

ü      Keyword density within a particular content. It shall be well known to the writer as to where the keywords shall be placed and what is the maximum number of times a keyword is used in content? Using it too much could result in spamming.
ü      Style of writing. This refers to the knowledge of what will work on which resource. Essentially, it means deciding on where the promotional content could be written and where the informative content will work. It also means how the content in the tone of announcement of news shall be written. Therefore, the content writer has to be very skilful in writing these for the different online media since, if not written as per the rules, these can get rejections.

ü      Grammar is another vital aspect which has to be taken care of. There are difference in the UK and the US English and the SEO copywriter has to understand these well. Since most of the big and reputed content directories are US based and follow US English, the problem arises when the content is written in non-US English. The SEO copywriter shall be aware of these issues and shall write the content is such a way which minimises the issues. 

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