Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to do Keyword Research for SEO? - the Three Golden Rules

SEO is the game of keywords. The better the keywords you choose, the more are the chances of achieving the objectives with a well directed online marketing campaign. There are many free and paid tools which can be used for this purpose. Google’s keyword tool and Overture are two of these which are used by a larger number of people. The research on the appropriate keywords depends considerably on the nature of business and also on the short and long term goals of the business. This can be explained better with an example. Imagine a company into the designer garments manufacturing business which goes for SEO services to get more clients.

The SEO service provider shall be able to analyse the nature of the business (designer garments), identify the niches in which it operates (rich and famous people, speciality stores) and then determine which keywords would be typed by the people in the search engines looking for products of this nature. Invariably they would be typing the words such as “designer garments manufacturers” or the likewise. However, there might be some SEO companies who would be using the more common keywords such as “clothing” which might be inappropriate. So, the first rule of keyword analysis is that it shall be relevant.

Now, there might be some keywords which could be used by users who are not-so-particular about the choice of keywords. They might be beating somewhere about the bush. In our example, they would be using the keywords such as ‘speciality garments’ or the ‘special occasion wear’ which is the purpose for which the designer garments are meant. So, the SEO services providers must take into account all these diffused keywords which could be used by the users. Therefore, the second rule for finding the keywords is that it shall be reasonably broad based to include the related keywords which the prospective customers might be using.

Another important factor for keyword analysis is the number of people who search using a particular keyword globally or locally. It is quite natural to include those keywords which are being used by maximum number of people. However, this is also the point where it is important to balance the relevance-number of searches equilibrium. This means that some keywords might be having a good search volume, say the keyword ‘clothing’, but the same may not be relevant for marketing of the business. At the same time, there might be some highly relevant keywords which might be having very small search volume which might be ignored by the services providers. So, the third rule for search engine services providers is to make sure that the equilibrium between the relevancy factor and the search volumes is maintained. It is always better to include the relevant keywords even if the search volumes are less.

The use of skills, knowledge and experience is vital while applying these rules to make effective marketing efforts for the clients. This is attained over a period of time and by virtue of doing a number of different projects. These parameters could also be the differentiating factors between your company and the other SEO services providers. 

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